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Getting to know real flamenco - listen to it

I don't think there are too many people who don't know what flamenco dance is. This site is mainly concerned with flamenco music because this is where the all the confusion lies. The best way to find out what flamenco is all about is to listen to it. Now don't go reaching for your Gipsy Kings or Armik CDs. These guys have absolutely nothing to do with traditional flamenco. If you are new to flamenco, you really need to clear your mind and start all over again, because I dare say you only think you know what flamenco is. For genuine flamenco CD's, DVDs, books, articles and accessories you can't go past Flamenco World , Es Flamenco or De Flamenco

Flamenco radio Streaming audio - Winamp or Windows Media Player
Flamenco World - Jukebox (Mp3 and Real audio)
Flamenco from Canberra 14 classic recordings (mp3)
Archivos de sonido (mp3)



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