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The Celts


Thank God flamenco is not a religion

A healthy curiosity leads to imagination, which in turn leads to experiment and the discovery of the microwave oven. If flamenco was a religion in the Middle Ages, I would have been burned at the stake or sent off to the galleys for daring to speak my mind. I prefer to keep an open mind until we invent a time machine and send a television camera crew back to interview and film all these people. Maybe then we can come up with some new ideas to replace those awful American sitcoms that infest Australian prime time TV.
Pant! Pant! Hiss! .....Time for my medication.


The twilight zone

On a more esoteric level, I sense that the elemental ritual pleasures of the human spirit have a way of surviving the tyranny of time. You may disagree, but I happen to believe that the passage of centuries and generations is not enough to completely suppress the psychic bond we have with our ancestors. If you are adventurous enough to take this one step further to the concept of reincarnation, it does not seem unreasonable that Galicians of recent history could possibly have lived lives as ancient Celts, and therefore have haunting musical memories swimming around in the depths of their subconscious.

Just as all myths and legends have an element of of truth, I believe there is such a thing as spiritually based folk memory. Due to it's dreamlike nature, this type of memory survives as a permanent part of the human psyche and cannot be erased or denied by saying it's not there. Sounds reasonable to me anyway. Intellectuals will never understand this concept, just as atheists prefer to deny the existence of God because they have no physical proof or personal experience. People with this sort of pragmatic thinking are likely to claim that they don't dream because they don't remember their dreams. I can live with that. If nothing else, at the end of the day it's a good subject for a pointless argument.

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