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About me

Who I am is not important


Who I am is of no consequence in the greater scheme of things. I am what I am and that's all anyone needs to know about me. I hate emails that question my "qualifications", authenticity and experience because they completely miss the point of making music. Apart from that, feel free to email me and discuss flamenco, the meaning of life, or anything else for that matter. I am approachable. Although I am kept chained up in a dark cellar most of the time, my master is very fair and does let me wander around the compound to feed the kangaroos and emus if I behave.


About this website, and my general approach to flamenco
This website was designed for beginners who are curious about flamenco and want to get started right away. Although I try to be objective and level headed when it comes to research, I do have opinions and random thoughts that I like to express to anyone who will listen. These are like personal side notes. That's why I call this website a SOAPBOX. The sub domain name herso means absolutely nothing, except that it's an anagram of the words "horse" and "shore". My YouTube name is hersoveela. This is simply an anagram of "shore leave" and has no special significance.


There is nothing particularly mysterious about me either. I live a simple life and I have simple philosophies (life's little rules of engagement) because they make more sense than complicated ones. First and foremost I am a solo guitarist. I did my boot camp for years with the major dance schools in Adelaide in South Australia. That gave me a sense of rhythm and compás. I enjoyed playing for dance classes and doing shows with dancers, especially in smaller venues like crowded cafes. Playing improvised rhythms is what I'm used to and is what I do best as far as flamenco is concerned. Apart from the occasional rehearsed numbers I did with singers in groups, I never had a great desire to accompany singers.


That may come as a shock to those who believe that you MUST learn how accompany singers before you can call yourself a flamenco guitarist. Who came up with that "rule"? Let these people believe what they want. I don't fill my head with stupid rules like this. I play whatever I like and stay out of other people's thought prisons. Like I said it's other people who have branded me that way. I prefer to think of myself as just some guy who enjoys playing the guitar and who has taken the trouble to learn flamenco because I liked what I heard.


Therefore, it should come as no surprise that I know a good deal more about flamenco guitarists than I do about singers. I simply don't know enough about them except that they can really frighten babies. Now I don't want you to get the idea I don't like singers. In fact I do enjoy listening to some singers such as Camaron, Enrique Morente, Carmen Linares and Lebrijano. Another thing I am not really into is being a flamenco groupie. Of course I support the local groups but I don't rush out and buy the latest CD and I don't know that much about contemporary flamenco "stars" or trend setters.


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